Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey, everyone, my name is Introverted_Wanderer. I was inspired to start a blog about my own experience with family estrangement, after reading the stories of other people who have also gone through this journeyIn addition, through the years, I have read a lot about narcissism, specifically in the context of peoples experiences with narcissistic parents and other family members.  Reading the blogs of Adult Children of Narcissists (ACoNs) made me realize that family estrangements and narcissism often go hand in hand.  In my case,  none of my immediate family members are highly narcissistic, in my opinion, but I do believe that my paternal relatives do display highly narcissistic traits, and I have been estranged from most of them since 2008In this blog, I will discuss the process of estranging from my paternal relatives, and also my experience with estrangement issues within my immediate family.


  1. Hi Introverted Wanderer, or, as you've greenlighted me to give you a nickname, Wanda, I'm happy to be a member of your new blog. I hope you will learn as much as I have over the one year that I've been blogging. There's something about writing it down--not all of it, but the essence of it--that lets you look more objectively at your experience; and having others read and comment is tremendously helpful. I had read stuff for twenty years about FOO difficulty; but only connected it all to narcissism in the last two years. I've only been able to actually FEEL differently through the experience I've had with my blog, and with those of others who have shared their experience with such generosity. Thanks for letting me know you are out there. I will put a link to your blog over on Caliban's Sisters. CS

  2. Thank you for joining my blog, CS. It's much appreciated. Yes, I know what you mean about sharing our experiences through writing. It definitely helps to get clarity and to put situations into perspective.