Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Took a break... Now I'm back

I took a break from blogging, around June of last year.  At that time, I decided not to continue with the blog for a while, because I wasn't sure of what I wanted to discuss in future entries.  Well, now I'm back, and with a new username as well.  I decided to change my name from Introverted_Wanderer to burningcandles because lighting candles and getting into a relaxed state of mind is a therapeutic activity for a lot of people.  I like lighting candles, placing them in various areas of a room, and then settling into my thoughts.  Writing this blog and reading the blogs of others who are dealing with the same or similar issues is also therapeutic for me. I decided to reacquaint myself with my blog after spending some time over on the blog, Caliban's Sisters.  Reading her past entries gave me some inspiration about the kinds of topics I would like to cover.  Thank you for that CS. 


  1. BC, you are most welcome and I look forward to reading your writing as you offer new posts. Welcome back to the big round table! CS